September 27, 2013

Cartoon: Patient Experience & First Impressions

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Check out the Trace – Patient Experience Cartoon!

Key Findings about Patient Experience & Effective Communication

Studies show that 3 of 4 patients rate hospital quality based on perception of care rather than objective measures. And more than 50% of patients say that good communication is the #1 reason they chose a hospital or clinic. In fact, the strongest predictor of overall HCAHPS scores is how patients rate provider communication skills.

A positive patient experience is tied directly to the patient receiving clear, accurate and thorough communication before, during and after his/her stay. And communication from front-line staff can significantly alter the patient’s experience from that point forward. Recording patient interactions gives hospitals the ability to effectively manage messaging, quality and compliance. Trace helps hospitals objectively identify what really happened so they can better support, protect and train employees in patient interactions.